Rawlings Maple 243 Big Stick Bat

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Each year Rawlings supplies wood bats to players of all levels of play. From the weekend warrior to the professional athlete, Rawlings has made available every line of their maple and ash wood bat collection. This year Rawlings has continued that tradition, offering bats from the Professional, Bone Rubbed, Maple Ace and Adirondack pro wood lines. The quality of the Rawlings bat starts with the wood. Rawlings’ goal is to provide athletes with the most durable, balanced and high-performing bat whether it be constructed from ash or maple.

• Wood: Maple Ace

• Profile: 243

• Barrel: Large barrel size (larger than 2.5”)

• 15/16” handle

• Pro ink dot tested

Ash Bats

• Pound for pound, ash is the strongest timber available.

• Ash has a flexibility that isn’t found in other timbers like maple. It tends to flex rather than break giving you a larger and more forgiving sweet spot.

• Ash is lighter than maple giving you a wider range of large barrel models.

Maple Bats

• Maple is a very dense timber with a greater surface hardness than ash.

• Maple is a closed-grained timber with a structure similar to layers in a laminated product. This makes the bat less prone to flake and makes the bat more durable.

• Because Maple is a heavier material many of the maple bats produced are of a smaller barrel model to get the bat weight lighter.

Until you become experienced with hitting wood bats, don’t be surprised if you break a few. Miss hits along the handle or end of the bat can break a wood bat. It will take practice, but with time and work you will find yourself becoming a better hitter and breaking fewer bats. Make sure you hit with the label up or label down when swinging a wood bat. The label of the bat is placed on the flat of the grain on ash wood bats because this is the weaker side of the bat. Hitting with the label up or down will help you hit the stronger side of the bat and increase your bats life.

Rawlings Big Stick R243 Maple Wood Baseball Bat R243BG